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Company -- Family fun from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (2019/03)
"Stingray Boats is proudly celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019."

216CC -- STINGRAY 216CC from Boating Magazine (2019/01)
"Officially a deck boat, the 216CC aims much higher. There is ample comfortable seating to qualify it for deck-boat status, but in our test we found much more."

201DS -- STINGRAY 201DS from Boating World (2019/01)
"The new midsize Stingray 201DS deckboat maximizes the onboard space customers use the most to create a deckboat that feels larger than a 20-footer."

201DS -- STINGRAY 201DS from Boating Magazine (2019/01)
"This boat has Stingray's Z-plane hull, the result of nearly 40 years of successful engineering. It is designed to provide a stable platform with a crisp ride in chop, plus comfortable steering and stability at any speed."


216CC -- Center of Attention from Lakeland Boating (2018/12)
"With a class center console styling built on a deckboat hull, the 216CC completely rewrites the definition of what an easily trailerable center console is all about."

236CC -- Life After Hurricane Irma from Pontoon & Deck Boat (2018/06)
"Make no mistake: the 236CC is intended for angling, offering 16 rod holders in addition to horizontal storage racks and separate livewell and baitwell."

236CC -- STINGRAY 236CC from Power Boating Canada (2018/05)
"Stignray's newest and largest centre console design offers appealing capabilities combined with Stingray's legendary performance."

236CC -- The Ultimate Fish & Cruise Boat from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (2018/03)
"While the 236CC Deck Boat is designed for use as a fishing boat, it's really a multi-purpose boat that can be used for a multitude of on-the-water activities — pulling kids on a tube, cruising to dinner, or just a leisurely ride along the lake or inland waterways."

208CR -- STINGRAY 208CR from Boating World (2018/01)
"Even six-foot-plus occupants have the ability to stretch out for a good night's sleep."


236CC -- STINGRAY 236CC from Lakeland Boating (2017/12)
"Building off their hardcore fishing roots, todays's center consoles have evolved into true multipurpose boats that are equally at home trolling big water for trophy fish as they are taking the family for lunch stops in distant ports or towing kids around on a tube."

206CC -- Stingray 206CC from Boatguide Canada (2017/07)
"Even with all its fishing friendly features, when it's time to make way for weekend fun with the family, the 206CC offers the space and amenities for plenty of leisurely on-water activities."

206CC -- Let the Fun Begin from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (2017/03)
"For a day out with the family, these boats offer lots of space for maneuvering about, plus seating for up to seven passengers on the 186CC and up to nine passengers on the 206CC."

206CC -- Find Your Center from Boating World (2017/03)
"Stingray's 206CC combines the fishing chops of a center console design with the family friendliness of a deckboat."

206CC -- Stingray 206CC from Pontoon & Deck Boat (2017/01)
"It's a Stingray, so heading into our test we already knew it would be well-built and well-thought-out. However, what we weren't expecting to find was such a smart and fish-friendly layout that truly impressed us."

186CC -- Family Friendly Deck Boat That Does It All from Power Boating Canada (2017/01)
"It's these sorts of little (but important) things that stand out and show the quality and care the Stingray designers put into every boat."

186CC -- Stingray 186CC Deck Boat from Boating World (2017/01)
"It's multitask-ready, but like most center consoles, fishing is high on the list of to-dos, so Stingray checked off a lot of wish-list boxes."

186CC -- Stingray 186CC from Boatguide Canada (2017/01)
"As a true crossover, the 186CC strikes a nice balance of creature comforts with fishing features."


186CC -- Stingray 186 Center Console from Lakeland Boating (2016/08)
"With full walk-around access, a large foredeck, tackle drawers and 12 rod holders, battling a finned foe is easy."

225RX -- Rally the Troops from Boating World (2016/07)
"It's easy to make a fast boat just by giving it a huge engine and not worrying about the higher price tag and increased fuel costs. But when a builder has Stingray's Z-Plane Hull as its ace in the hole, it can achieve the thrill of great performance with less power and save money in the process."

191DC -- Stingray 191DC from Boat Guide Canada (2016/05)
"Adding the 191DC to its lineup was an excellent move by Stingray. Offering a respectable balance of space, performance, and affordability, it is sure to catch the interest of existing runabout owners who are looking to upgrade to a larger-sized vessel for entertaining."

201DC -- Stingray 201DC from Power Boating Canada (2016/04)
"Stingray's 201DC is a versatile deck boat with storage capacity, seating space, and do-it-all versatility that growing families demand."

191DC -- It's a Stingray! from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (2016/03)
"Simply put, the STINGRAY 191DC Deck Boat gives you the best of both worlds — the open layout of a traditional deck boat AND the wind protection you get from a sport boat with a full windshield."

182SC -- STINGRAY 182SC from Boating Magazine (2016/03)
"For most people there is no perfect boat, only perfect compromises, but in a day when gas is precious, tow vehicles are smaller, and you need to save a buck storing the boat in the garage, Al Fink was right — the 182SC is the best boat he's made in years."


201DC -- STINGRAY 201DC from Boatguide Canada (2015/12)
"Considering the volume of features Stingray's 201DC provides combined with its highly competitive price point, it easily ranks as one of the best value-for-your-dollar purchases in my books."

191DC -- STINGRAY 191DC from Boating Magazine (2015/12)
"Leave it to STINGRAY Boats to bring out an entirely new deck boat, power it with an economical Mercury 90 hp four-stroke, and get rocking performance."

201DC -- STINGRAY 201DC from Lakeland Boating (2015/11)
"When you're ready to hit the water for fun and relaxation, check out the 201DC deck boat. It features everything you look for in a deck boat of its size, plus a full windshield for your passengers — not to mention its sleek sport boat looks."

201DC -- STINGRAY 201DC from Lakeland Boating (2015/09)
"Stingray Boats has developed a solid reputation for building well-made boats that deliver comfortable amenities and surprising performance. That's particularly true with respect to the Hartsville, South Carolina-based company's deck boat lineup."

188LX -- STINGRAY 188L from Boatguide Canada (2015/06)
"Even with its base 3.0L engine, our nimble vessel achieves a respectable top speed of 42 mph, according to GPS."

192SC -- Playing With a Full Deck from Boating World (2015/05)
"The 192SC is a compact deckboat with loads of features and great performance at a price that won't push your retirement date back a couple years."

Company -- 35 Years of Stingray from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (2015/03)
"STINGRAY uses the same materials as other builders, but they provide their customers a great value by building quality, craftsmanship, performance, and efficiency into every STINGRAY model."

234LR -- STINGRAY 234LR from Great Lakes Boating (2015/03)
"It can be powered by different outboards, but a standard Yamaha F250 works quite well. Its benefits are a top end speed of more than 55 mph at less cost and with better fuel economy than comparable boats."

225CR -- STINGRAY 225CR from Great Lakes Boating (2015/03)
"This is a versatile, family-style boat made for cruising, overnighting, and just having fun."

192SC -- Stingray 192SC from Boatguide Canada (2015/01)
"With its respectable top-end speed, superb accommodation space and easy handling, it's a must see for anyone considering a deck boat purchase for this coming season."


192SC -- Tests - Stingray 192SC from Boating (2014/10)
"As with all its boats, Stingray adds a subfloor over the stringers for additional structural support, resulting in more stability and a rattle-free ride."

250LR -- Love At First Sight from Lakeland Boating (2014/08)
"The Z-Plane Hull mitigates the air and water turbulence and delivers clean, smooth water to the propeller. It means we can attain fast speeds with a lighter engine, which translates into a very economical boat in terms of fuel economy."

198LX -- Stingray 198LX from Boatguide (2014/07)
"Recently, I had the opportunity to drive the company's stern-drive-powered 198LX Sport Deck, a bowrider measuring slightly less than 20 feet in overall length, but still delivering a lively, unforgettable ride."

194LX -- Spirited Performance in a Spacious 19-Foot Package from Power Boating Canada (2014/07)
"Fun? You Bet! The Stingray 194LX and Yamaha F115B deliver exactly the kind of spirited, sporty performance that should make this combo a real hit with families looking for huge fun and ever greater value."

Company -- STINGRAY Boats for the Great Lakes from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt (2014/05)
"Stingray has been a player in the Great Lakes area for years, but the brand is continuing to grow as more and more customers realize that Stingray gives them more boat for their dollars, without compromising on features, styling, and performance."

212SC -- Stingray 212SC - All new deck boat delights. from Power Boating Canada (2014/02)
"Stingray's 212SC is an all new breed that delightfully delivers on the promise of both space and performance in a day boat under 22 feet. It'll look great tied to your dock!"

250LR -- We Drove It from Boating World (2014/01)
"While outwardly resembling a go-fast boat, its interior is loaded with features that are useful when cruising or swinging at anchor."

212SC -- 212SC Stingray from Boatguide (2014/01)
"It's sure to generate a lot of attention at upcoming boat shows this year and should be on your short-list of models to consider if you're seeking a lively ride with space to spare for entertaining friends and family."


198LX -- 'Ray of Light from Boating World (2013/09)
"Stingray's new 198LX takes what we like best about deckboats and serves it up in a sleek package that can really move."

198LX -- Stingray 198LX from Boating (2013/09)
"Getting big performance from a smaller engine saves money at purchase time and at the pump. The 198LX surpasses 4 MPG at cruising speed."

194LX -- The Best in Family-Fun Boats Just Got Better from Lakeland Boating (2013/07)
"As an outboard model, this boat can go virtually anywhere and also requires very little maintenance, yet has all the amenities one could ask for in a fun and peppy day boat."

191RX -- Just What the Doctor Ordered from Boating World (2013/06)
"Stingray's newest outboard-powered model will find a place in your heart without leaving a hole in your bank account."

198LX -- Two All New Sport Deck Models from Power Boating Canada (2013/05)
"Yes indeed I was going 60 mph in a 19-foot bowrider. It took a complete downpour to bring me back to the dock—I was having that much fun!"

194LX -- An outboard with a sunpad? Yes! from Power Boating Canada (2013/05)
"It's widely known that Stingray has always managed to get more speed and better gas mileage out of their boats compared to other equivalent models equipped with similar power. I found the sweet cruising spot at 3500 rpm doing about 22 mph and the Stingray specs show fuel economy at that speed to be a respectable 6.4 mpg."

250CS -- Stingray 250CS from Boatguide (2013/01)
"Easily towable with a full-size pickup, Stingray's 250CS has a lot to offer, making it no surprise it has become such a popular model in the company's lineup."

204LR -- Stingray 204LR from Boating (2013/01)
"The combo planed in 4.4 seconds, reached 30 mph in eight seconds and topped out at 44.2 mph."


234LR -- Fabulous Hull with the Outboard Advantage from Lakeland Boating (2012/07)
"This is a big, deep boat with an excellent interior layout and some special features that make it perfect for port hopping or just having fun on the water."

225LR -- 225LR Stingray from Boatguide (2012/06)
"With an overall length just an inch short of 23 feet and a beam of eight feet, four inches, the 225LR has a delightfully deep and wide cockpit that's packed with amenities."

234LR -- Power Shift - Stingray 234LR Sport Deck from Boating World (2012/05)
"The 234LR Sport Deck features one of the most thoughtfully designed bows in the business."

214LR -- Stingray 214LR from Boating (2012/04)
"Powered by a Yamaha 150, the 214LR planed in 3.4 seconds, cut ridiculously tight turns and hit 46.9 mph. Impressive."

195RX -- Stingray 195RX from Boating (2012/02)
"Check out the notched transom. Found on off-shore race boats, the design allows the drive to be mounted higher, reducing drag and increasing speed."

204LR -- Stingray 204LR from Boating World (2012/01)
"On plane in 3.3 seconds with minimal bowrise, the boat reached 30 mph in 9.9 seconds. Top speed was 44.3 mph, which is 6 to 9 mph faster than comparable boats. It handled very well, whether at top speed or loafing along at 20.5 mph — where Yamaha recorded it getting better than 6 mpg."


214LR -- A True Sport Boat with Space and Performance from Power Boating Canada (2011/12)
"It's a trailerable family-friendly sport deck that will deliver some exciting performance well into the extended season thanks to the versatility and simplicity of outboard power."

214LR -- Stingray 214LR - Z is for Awesome from Boating (2011/12)
"Multipurpose boaters will appreciate the self-bailing cockpit, ample in-floor toy stowage, fore and aft boarding ladders, and pressurized bow and transom showers. The space normally reserved for a sterndrive? It's now wide-open stowage below the sun pad."

215LR -- A Spacious Deck Boat That's Sure to Please from Lakeland Boating (2011/07)
"It has the deck boat's spaciousness that also delivers an adrenaline-pumping performance without the flat-bottom, pounding ride that some deck boats can deliver. In fact, this boat performs like a vee hull, while not compromising its skinny-water, drive-up draft of just 17 inches."

225SX -- Transfer of Power from Trailer Boats (2011/05)
"Stingray's new 225SX sport cuddy looks nearly as racy at the dock as it does streaking across the lake."

215LR -- Southern Stingray from Boating World (2011/04)
"Stingray gets you off to a good start, loading up your 215LR with a list of 27 value-added standard features that most builders call options."

208LR -- To The Max from Trailer Boats (2011/04)
"It knifes through chop and waves smoothly, and takes nary a drop of water when tackling seas head on."

195CS -- Wise Buys Under $30,000 from Boating (2011/04)
"Exciting acceleration and smooth-as-butter turns at speeds of 58 mph are what we encountered during our test of this boat with a 220 hp MerCruiser 4.3 MPI sterndrive."

225SX -- Stingray 225SX from Boating (2011/03)
"It literally looks fast standing still. That it backs up that impression on the water, and does it for a significantly lower investment than does much of its competition, shouldnÕt come as a surprise to those familiar with the brand."

215LR -- When Little Things Make a Big Difference from Power Boating Canada (2011/03)
"The bow area is spacious thanks to the wide-body stance that allows the beam to carry far forward."

215CR -- Stingray 215CR from Les Plaisanciers (2011/03)
"Le 215 CR est un petit cruiser facile ˆ remorquer qui est parfait pour celui qui commence une famille, et qui dŽsire partager sa passion pour le motonautisme avec elle, sans compltement mettre de c™tŽ les sensations de performance de son ancien bateau sport de cŽlibataire."

208LR -- Stingray 208LR from Boating World (2011/01)
"Stingray is all about delivering performance with less power with its patented Z-Plane hull, and the 208LR is no exception."


215CR -- It's About the Little Things from Power Boating Canada (2010/12)
"The 215CR is a trailerable cuddy that's built for the guy who's starting a new family, wants to take them out on the water to share his passion, but isn't ready to give up the true performance and speed of his old boat."

235DR -- Easy Come, Easy Go from Power Boating Canada (2010/07)
"Stingray continues to tweak maximum performance and handling from its patented Z-Plane hull design with notched transom. This new 235DR takes this design to yet another level with both low and high speed handling second to none."

235CR -- Life in the Fast Lane from Lakeland Boating (2010/07)
"Sure, this boat can deliver a thrilling ride and cruise a good ways; it also delivers a lot of comfort when you just want to relax."

235CR -- Stingray 235CR from Boating (2010/03)
"The Stingray 235CR cuddy we tested offered performance, style and comfort, and it comes from a company that, though not untouched by our economy, is certainly undefeated by it."

235DR -- Playing With a Full Deck - Stingray 235DR from Boating World (2010/02)
"The 235DR separates itself from the deckboat pack with the sleek styling you usually find on sporty runabouts."

195LX -- Four-Banger Boost from Trailer Boats (2010/01)
"Stingray's Z-Plane hull design makes each of the company's boat models exceptionally fast, and the 195LX was no exception."


Company -- Under Control from Professional BoatBuilder (2009/12)
"...his web based computer network, developed to monitor every aspect of the company's operation, is arguably the most advanced system in American boat manufacturing."

235CR -- Split Personality from Power Boating Canada (2009/12)
"A large, integrated, extended swim platform with transom shower, storage box and concealed boarding ladder enhances multiple watersport activities and a new starboard side companionway permits easy access to the deep cockpit."

225LR -- Zee-licious! from Boating (2009/08)
"The 225LR offers a 200-mile range, better known as several Saturdays tearing up the lake without stopping for fuel."

225CR -- First Cabin from Trailer Boats (2009/08)
"Stingray’s reputation has been built on family-friendly boats with an exceptional level of performance. Few builders get as much speed per horsepower as Stingray."

225CR -- boat test: 225LR & CR from Lakeland Boating (2009/06)
"Being from the land of big lakes, I was impressed with how this deep and beamy hull offers safety and a dry ride, particularly on a wet day."

225LR -- 10 Best Boats of 2009 - Stingray 225LR from Boating Life (2009/05)
"Stingray has been on a steady march to bring quality to boaters while keeping its boat firmly in the value-price range of its target customer."

Engines -- Big Power, Small Package from Boating Life (2009/03)
"We could see the skier benefit immediately. Set your throttle position, and the electronic throttle will manage the drag of sharply turning skiers without any manual adjustment."

225LR -- Finish-Line Winner from Boating World (2009/03)
"We streaked to 30 mph in 4.7 seconds and accelerated to a top speed of 61 mph, which is at least 5 to 6 mph faster than most other boats in this class."

185LX -- Stingray 185LX from Boating Life (2009/03)
"Bottom line, though, Stingray's combination of superior power and quality features gives entry-level boaters something that will keep them interested in their craft far beyond the first summer."

225LR -- Excellence in Design - Value from Trailer Boats (2009/01)
"In addition, the bottom design minimizes resistance as the boat moves through the water. All of this results in stellar speed, fabulous fuel efficiency and a place in our awards lineup for 2009."

225LR -- Tested 2009 - Stingray 225LR from Boating World (2009/01)
"It will turn hard without ventilation and we didn't detect any porpoising, which many sterndrives of this size will do at select speeds."

225CR -- 2009 Deals of the Century - Stingray 225CR from Boating Life (2009/01)
"Our test shows comfort, performance and attention to detail are carefully crafted into the 225 CR."

185LX -- Stingray 185LX from Boats and Places (2009/01)
"With the Stingray 185LX, boaters can expect to get more for less — that's a great way to get into boating."


225CR -- Stingray 225 Bowrider and Cuddy from Power Boating Canada (2008/12)
"I was pleased to see the extensive use of synthetic (no wood) "starboard" construction material in the seating, and the fact that it is colour-coordinated to the interior accent colours of the boat."

205CX -- Free Spirit from Trailer Boats (2008/12)
"Stingray’s new cuddy is not prone to excessive bow steer when running with the bow down and, when trimmed up, rides free, easy and fast."

225LR -- '09 Boat Preview from Boating World (2008/11)
"Stingray's dedication to performance is evident in the 225LR, a runabout featuring the Z-plane hull, which gives the boat three points of contact for smooth rides and a quick holeshot."

225LR -- Sneak Peek at the 2009 Models from Power Boating Canada (2008/10)
"The walk-thru companionway converts with a filler cushion into a sunpad, providing both the integrity of a full size transom and a bench seat over the generous-sized swimplatform."

220LX -- Too Hot to Handle from Go Boating (2008/07)
"Steering was very responsive, even at high speeds. The prop never lost its bite in hard turns, and the driver feels in control at all times."

205LR -- Stingray 205 Series from Power Boating Canada (2008/07)
"I have found over the years of testing many Stingray models that the Z-Plane design requires very little drive trim to achieve optimum running characteristics. This is even more true of this new revised design."

205LR -- Stingray 205LR from Lakeland Boating (2008/07)
"There was no slipping or sliding when, at 50 mph and continuing to trim, I hit the sweet spot and began to accelerate to 60."

220SX -- 4 Red-Hot Models from Boating Life (2008/06)
"Rig the 220SX with max power, and without a doubt, you'll run past every family boat on the lake—unless there's another Stingray out there."

250CS -- Our Best Buys from Boating Life (2008/04)
"The flagship of Stingray's cruiser line, the 250CS is priced $5,000 to $6,000 below comparable models from other brands."

220DR -- 4Comparison from Go Boating (2008/04)
"The 220DR's performance hull makes it not only stable, but highly maneuverable and sure-footed in turns."

Technology -- The Hull Truth from Boating Life (2008/01)
"Stingray, which introduced its CAD-designed and patented hull in 1989, knows plenty about the pluses and minuses of the V-bottom boats with lifting strakes."

250CS -- Excellence in Design from Trailer Boats (2008/01)
"When it comes to boat cabins, it's often the little things that count, and there are lots of those on board Stingray's 250CS."

205LR -- Stingray 205LR from Boating Life (2008/01)
"Speed, handling and comfort are priorities of Stingray engineers, and they bring it all in for a value price."

205CX -- Stingray 205CX from Power Boating Canada (2008/01)
"...the 205CX cuddy will please family boaters with not only its ideal towing weight, but with its long list of practical appointments."

205CX -- Stingray 205CX from Go Boating (2008/01)
"A small luxury cruiser built on a performance hull, the 205CX is a boat the whole family can appreciate."


205LR -- Feel The Sting from Boating World (2007/12)
"Stingray's 205LR is a comfortable, well designed bowrider with excellent performance and an enticing price point."

205CX -- Stingray 205CX from Power Boating Canada (2007/12)
"Stingray's new 205 series of bowriders and cuddies are twenty-one footers and packed with lots of great features that will make your life on the water sporty and accommodating."

210LR -- Performance Tested - Stingray 210LR from Go Boating (2007/10)
"With current fuel prices, an important consideration for many boaters is fuel consumption. With the performance provided by the 210LR we feel the craft isn't very thirsty for the level of performance."

210CX -- Room to Maneuver from Boating World (2007/09)
"The stern area is well designed for family play, with a large sunpad and extended swim platform with boarding ladder."

210LR -- DockTalk>just cruisin' from Trailer Boats (2007/08)
"All told, Stingray's racy 210LR delivers excellent performance and outstanding fuel economy (5.1 mpg at a 2500 rpm cruise) at a reasonable price."

210LX -- Stingray 210LX from Lakeland Boating (2007/07)
"Fast, functional...and did we mention fast?"

Company -- Full Disclosure from Go Boating (2007/05)
"There's more to building boats than meets the eye."

250CS -- Thrills and Chills from Trailer Boats (2007/05)
"In fact, the 250CS proved fun to drive, delivering nimble handling and good throttle response. Despite its agility, this hull is not tender, meaning it doesn't lie on its side in hard turns like most cruisers do."

220CS -- Focus on Stingray 220CS from Go Boating (2007/05)
"Hidden from view but easily accessible on the 220CS are a molded-in sink, butane stove and portable toilet, which are all great features to make your boat a home away from home."

250CS -- A True 25-Foot Cruiser from Go Boating (2007/04)
"One of Stingray's design goals was a small cruiser with big-boat headroom in the cabin, and that's exactly what the 250CS has."

210CX -- Stingray 210CX from Boating Life (2007/03)
"We know most cuddy owners use their cabins as big storage compartments, but newer models like the 210CX are making this style of boat practical again."

250CS -- The Big Easies from Boating World (2007/02)
"The wide-open helm/cockpit layout adds a sense of space and roominess so the 250CS feels as accommodating as a much larger boat."

220DR -- Smoke on the Water from Trailer Boats (2007/02)
"In corners the boat stays planted, making tight turns easily."

210LR -- A Better Boat from Go Boating (2007/01)
"In fact, we were able to post a blistering speed of 57.4 mph with our 220 hp V-6 MerCruiser stern drive, which is an impressive speed for only 220 hp."

210LR -- Stingray 210LR from Boating Life (2007/01)
"Better performance, top-notch quality and comfort on the water are the distinguishing factors of the new Stingray, and we like what we see."


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